Uhaa Nation
Atlanta, Georgia
6 0
240 lbs
Signature Moves
Uhaa Combination

Originally a Dragon Gate wrestling star, Uhaa Nation first came to PCW in November 2013 for Supershow 3. It was over that weekend that the “One Man Nation” became adored and adopted by the PCW masses however, leading to him becoming a full time roster member.

Over that huge weekend, Nation would pick up big wins over El Ligero and Danny Hope. He would also partner up with Noam Dar to face the team of Doug Williams and PCW champion, Lionheart. Unfortunately on that occasion, Uhaa's team was unsuccessful when Lionheart pinned Dar. In December at Festive Fury, Nation would be defeated by Doug Williams in singles action.

Uhaa Nation returned to PCW in spring 2014 as part of the Supershow 4 weekend where he outlasted Chris Masters, Cyanide and Dave Mastiff in a Fatal 4 Way match to emerge victorious on night one.

On the daytime show the following afternoon, Uhaa Nation and Low Ki would go to a blistering 20 minute draw. Both men appealed for 5 more minutes but it wasn't to be. Nation bounced back from this disappointment later that night when he partnered with Mad Man Manson, Juventud Guerrera, Hurricane Helms and Al Snow to beat Bubblegum in a handicap match.

Uhaa would make his surprise return to PCW in October 2014 at Fright Night III. As Joey Hayes prepared to clash with the mysterious Grim Reaper, the dark figure pulled back the hood to reveal himself to be “The One Man Nation”. Uhaa would make short work of Joey Hayes that night and then end up having a far more pressing task on his hands by the end of the evening. After saving GM Lionheart from a cowardly attack by PCW Heavyweight Champion, Chris Masters, Uhaa would find himself dubbed the new number one contender to the title. He would receive his title shot the following month at the 4 show PCW & ROH extravaganza.

On the first show, Nation would have his metal tested against “Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa. During the course of the action, the Heavyweight Champion, Chris Masters, would distract Uhaa, first from the commentary booth and then from ringside, and cost his next challenger the match. Nation would bounce back on show 2 the following afternoon when he defeated Ciampa, El Ligero and BJ Whitmer in Fatal 4 Way action.

Uhaa Nation's finest hour was to come at show 3. A focused and determined challenger had Chris Masters and the PCW Heavyweight Championship in his sights and even a last minute curve-ball in the form of the match becoming a Triple Threat with Dave Mastiff couldn't stop. Uhaa Nation would successfully become the new PCW Heavyweight Champion. He would go on to retain his title against Michael Elgin the following afternoon at show 4.

Now he holds the top prize in the promotion, life will be anything but “Too Easy” for Uhaa Nation.

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