Kris Travis
6 1
172 lbs
Signature Moves
Double Underhook Piledriver

Of all the faces and names that have passed through PCW, perhaps none are more synonymous with those 3 little letters than “The Shooting Star”, Kris Travis. The man who has been dubbed “The Franchise” of PCW has put his body on the line time and time again for the Preston fans and they've returned the love by backing Travis every step of his career.

It maybe hard to imagine now but when Travis debuted in PCW, he was a cocky, annoying, brash loud-mouth with no respect for anyone outside of himself and his tag team partner, Martin Kirby. On PCW's debut show, A New Beginning, in August 2011, an injured Travis riled the PCW crowd on the microphone as he tried to aid Kirby and his replacement Nathan Cruz to victory. Unfortunately for Travis, the team didn't gel like Project Ego and would suffer the loss.

Returning next month at Road to Glory as a solo act, Kris Travis earned the respect of the PCW fans and his opponent T-Bone during their match as part of the PCW Heavyweight Championship tournament. A handshake after the bell took place between the two as the crowd began to get behind Travis based on his performance and his more humble attitude. Though “Trav” was defeated and crashed out of the tournament, it wasn't the last time he would be seen that night. PBW representative, Lionheart, would call out Travis and accuse the Sheffield native of injuring him, challenging him to a Last Man Standing match in retaliation. With the crowd now firmly in his corner and clamouring to see him shut the mouthy Scot up, Travis accepted and the stage was set for October's PCW vs PBW show.

In a match which really started to put PCW on the map, Travis and Lionheart put on the performance of a lifetime, battering one another throughout the venue with all manner of offence and weaponry. Lionheart would emerge victorious in this battle.

That December at Festive Fury, Travis would compete in the first annual PCW Money in the Bank ladder match for a briefcase containing the chance at the PCW Heavyweight Championship, any time, any place. Travis would successfully win the match and debut a custom pink briefcase soon after.

While Trav had begun down the road to becoming the crown jewel in PCW's crown, his feud with Lionheart continued to bubble. In February 2012 at Blood, Sweat and Beers, the two would engage in another brutal battle, this time contested under I Quit rules. Avenging his defeat from the previous Autumn, Kris Travis would score the victory.

After picking up impressive victories over Marty Scurll and Dave Mastiff over the spring and early summer, Travis headed into PCW's first anniversary show, One But Not Forgotten in August, set for a clash with big time heavyweight Rampage Brown. Travis would manage to put Brown down for the 3 count but picked up a dislocated shoulder along the way. While some would attend their local Emergency Department and then rest, Travis had his shoulder popped back in immediately after the match and then headed backstage. Unbeknownst to onlookers, “The Shooting Star” was plotting his next move. After his old adversary, Lionheart, had won the PCW Heavyweight Championship in the main event of the card, Kris Travis emerged with his Money in the Bank opportunity in hand. Choosing the perfect moment to cash in, Travis nailed Lionheart with a super-kick and pinned him to claim the company's top prize.

The following month at Last Night of Freedom, Travis would team with T-Bone, the man Lionheart had taken the title from in a Fatal 4 Way match at One But Not Forgotten, to take on Lionheart and BT Gunn. Nobody could have foreseen what was to come. With Travis shoulder reinjured, the champion fought valiantly and then desperately tried to make the tag. Just as he was within arms reach of T-Bone, the bitter ex-champion would abandon his partner and leave Trav to be beaten by BT Gunn and a conflicted Lionheart. T-Bone would inflict a vicious and prolonged beating on Travis after the match as a clearly disturbed Lionheart looked on.

Travis' first defence of his newly won PCW title would come at Fright Night on Halloween 2012. Looking for revenge against T-Bone after the heinous assault suffered the month before, Trav and Bone waged war in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere contest which spilled all over the building and even outside it! Travis would gain some measure of revenge and walk away with his championship still intact.

In November, somewhat of a PCW dream match would take place as PCW Heavyweight Champion, Travis, went up against PCW Cruiserweight Champion, Noam Dar. No titles were on the line but a lot of personal and company pride was as Travis respresented PCW and Dar represented PBW. Dar would score a countout win after interference from PCW Tag Team Champions, Fight Club. Fortunately for Travis, his old enemy Lionheart would finally have the change of heart first hinted at back in September and come to Trav's aid.

Lionheart decided to retire not long after, Festive Fury 2 being his final show for PCW. With their rivalry tied at one win each, Travis and Lionheart met for a third time on the pre-show, Before the Fury. Travis would score the win, drawing a line under their feud.

Whilst one rivalry ended that night, another began. Travis would meet former WWE Superstar, Chris Masters on the main show. A classic battle unfolded in front of PCW fans. Travis would score the victory but both men immediately agreed that this match needed to happen again somewhere down the line. The fans agreed.

As the new year dawned, Kris Travis and T-Bone were scheduled to clash again for the PCW Heavyweight title. In January 2013 at More Bang For Your Buck, T-Bone would defeat Travis via stoppage in a Bullrope Match after hanging him from the balcony of the PCW arena. Despite having the title back, T-Bone still wasn't happy and he and his accomplice Bubblegum set out to cost Travis the Road 2 Glory tournament in February. Due to their interference, Travis was counted out of his match with CJ Banks, knocking him out of the tournament. Travis and Bone would engage in one more encounter on the 2nd night of the 2-night event. Despite his best efforts, a bloodied and battered Travis was again defeated by T-Bone, drawing a line under their feud and Travis' title hopes.

Undeterred, “The Franchise” moved onto international competition in the form of former ROH World Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Steen. After the match was set for Spring Slam in April, the two traded verbal barbs on Twitter. The tension would come to a head when Travis entered the ring at Spring Slam with some fast food for the portly Steen. Another instantly classic battle occurred with Steen pulling off the victory. The international independent veteran took the microphone after the match and admitted that he'd just had one of the fights of his life and not only that, but that Travis had beaten him when it came to verbal sparring on social media!

Summer rolled around and so did No Retreat, No Surrender, the 2nd Supershow from PCW. Chris Masters would return and meet Travis in their long awaited rematch. A bloody, No Disqualification match took place with Masters earning the victory, tying this feud at one match a piece.

In August at Two Good to be Two, Kris Travis would capture the Money in the Bank briefcase for the second time in his career. Unfortunately, keeping it would prove to be a struggle this time around. A bitter Joey Hayes would thwart Travis' first cash-in attempt and steal the case, eventually winning it from Trav in a one on one ladder match with the contract on the line that October.

Travis rebounded from this loss when he met Chris Masters for a third time in November. This war was waged under Last Man Standing rules in order to find out who the winner of not only the battle was, but the war. Travis emerged victorious to take the match and the series 

With a line drawn under the Travis/Masters feud, Kris turned his attention back to Joey Hayes at Festive Fury 3 in December. After Hayes had taken Travis' prized Money in the Bank privileges back in October, the two athletes looked to take something else from one another that was also very precious in the form of each other's hair. Travis would gain some measure of revenge for the loss of his case by defeating Joey and shaving some of his locks off after the match.

So far in 2014, Kris Travis has put on two classic bouts with recent WWE signee, Prince Devitt. Whilst not managing to emerge with the win in either of these bouts, Travis proved once again that he can hang with any professional wrestler from anywhere in the world.

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