Kevin Owens
Marieville, Quebec, Canada
5 11
240 lbs
Signature Moves
450° splash, Cannonball

Kevin Steen is one of the most popular and most well known names to come out of the US independent circuit. A former ROH World Champion, Steen engaged in a war of words online with Kris Travis before making his way over for their first showdown at Spring Slam in April 2013.

The two put each other through one of the most physical battles of their respective careers and fans jaws were left hanging when Steen power-bombed Travis on the ring apron during the bitter war. Steen would pick up the win and also show his respect to Travis after the match for being able to more than hang with him in a war of words.

Steen would compete in the 30 Man Rumble later that night for a PCW Heavyweight Championship shot but was unable to win the match.

In November at Supershow 3, Kevin Steen would return to PCW and renew his rivalry with Travis. In his first of three matches that weekend, Steen would tie up with Travis, Joey Hayes and Dean Allmark in a physical Fatal 4 Way match. The four combatants hit each other with everything they had and fought all around ringside before Steen picked up the victory.

As Supershow 3 continued the following day, Steen and Kris Travis would continue their rivalry in one on one action. Another classic battle ensued and this time, Travis was able to even the score.

On the evening card that night, it was a battle of the Super-heavyweights as Steen clashed with Dave Mastiff. In one of the most hard hitting contests PCW has seen, the two beat one another senseless with Mastiff eventually getting the win.

Rumours swirl the internet at this time that Kevin Steen has signed with WWE, begging the question, will he ever return to PCW? If he does, Dave Mastiff and Kris Travis will both undoubtedly be waiting.

WWE announced on 12th August 2014 that Steen had signed with them and that he would report to their developmental territory, NXT, on the 25th of that month.  After being renamed Kevin Owens, he made his debut on the live special, NXT Takeover: R Evolution, on 11th December.

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