Davey Blaze
Glasgow, Scotland
6 0
189 lbs
Signature Moves
Spinebuster; Cartwheel Leg drop

Davey Blaze is man who would have an auspicious debut in PCW.

Originally Blaze would con fans into thinking he was a Preston native, answering Dave Rayne's open challenge at Road to Glory in September 2011. “David” as he was known donned a Preston North End shirt and emerged from the crowd. The crafty Scotsman soon showed his true colours and revealed he was actually part of Team PBW. Blaze, Lionheart and Noam Dar then all laid waste to Dave Rayne until they were chased off by members of the PCW locker room. 

Davey would compete the following month in a six-pack challenge but was unsuccessful.

Blaze would compete twice more for PBW when they made their way down to Preston. He would be part of the winning Team PBW side in April 2012 at Never Give Up and then score his biggest victory in the company to date, a singles victory over Mad Man Manson in November that year.

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