Blackpool Blonds
6 0
382 lbs
Signature Moves
Jaw Rocker

“Natural Born Superstar” Axl Rage and tag team partner, JD Sassoon burst onto the PCW tag team scene at Road to Glory 2011. The Fylde coast natives did little to endear themselves to the Preston crowd that night when they showed off their Blackpool FC shirts and denounced the city of Preston. It would come as no surprise that the PCW fans rejoiced that night when the tag team of Disco Madness, Mad Man Manson and Sam Bailey, defeated them.

 Over the next couple of months, the brash youngsters would garner the attention of “Old School” Keith Myatt and his tag team partner, Ruffneck, the M.O.B. Proving they were more than just a pair of big mouths, Axl and Sassoon would defeat the M.O.B at Festive Fury in December.

 After an embarrassing experience drinking with Ruffneck at Blood, Sweat and Beers in February the following year, the Blonds looked for revenge. By then, the M.O.B had added Preston powerhouse, Shaun “The Hammer” Davis to the ranks. Unfortunately for them, the big man would soundly defeat them both in handicap action in March at Spring Slam.

 After impressive but unsuccessful showings in the first PCW Rumble match at Never Give Up, JD Sassoon would pair up with Welsh grappler Dylan Roberts and another close friend, Cameron Kraze to take on the M.O.B and Davis. Despite Sassoon's new back-up, the M.O.B and “The Hammer” would defeat the new threesome. The Blonds would vanish from PCW shortly afterwards.

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