April Davids
Wigan, UK
5 1
145 lbs
Signature Moves
Double-Arm Bridged Suplex, Bridging Front Chancery

The nickname “The Lancashire Terrier” isn't just bravado. April Davids is just that. Diminutive in size, but liable to tear you limb from limb.


April first appeared in PCW against Kay Lee Ray in 2012. Bringing with her a fistful of attitude, Davids wasn't very popular that night as she took it to crowd favourite Ray. Despite her ferocious performance, Davids would be unsuccesful that night. Despite this, her in-ring ability and fiery showing would impress PCW fans who clamoured to see her again.


Davids would re-appear the following year as part of the male oriented Road to Glory tournament, proving she could more than hold her own against wrestlers of the opposite sex as well her fellow female performers. Bubblegum would defeat her but only after interference from T-Bone.

 April would mix it up with Emi Saukara on night 2 of the Road to Glory tournament. The two ring technicians would battle to a 10 minute time-limit draw as both proved to have a counter for everything the other would do.

 At Spring Slam 2013, April would shock PCW fans by going up against 29 of her male counterparts in the annual Rumble match for a shot at the PCW Heavyweight title. This is where her problems with CJ Banks would begin. After ousting Banks from the match itself, “The Juice” would sneak back in and eliminate her.

 April would get her chance for revenge at the No Retreat, No Surrender, Supershow, in June. On night 1, she would gain retribution against old nemesis Bubblegum, defeating him, before focusing her attention on her new problem, CJ Banks on night 2. Former WWE Women's champion Lita would guest referee the match as Davids defeated Banks.

 After building credible victories over prominent members of the roster, April would turn her attention to Dave Rayne, the PCW Cruiserweight champion at that time. At PCW's 2nd anniversary show, Too Good To Be Two, she would defeat the mouthy Manc for the championship and then successfully defend it against female US independent veteran, Lufisto.

 Rayne would continue to be a thorn in Davids' side and sneak attack her at Final Fight, leading to a unique rematch at Fright Night 2, the annual PCW Halloween show. The chauvinist Rayne had attacked April with a broom at Final Fight. With that in mind, the match at Fright Night 2 became a “Fans Bring the Domestic Items Match”. After a wild brawl involving an ironing board, clothes pegs, a pineapple and many other house keeping tools, April would again retain the championship.

 After vanquishing Rayne from the Cruiserweight title hunt, April would find herself facing off with former TNA Knockouts champion and world renowned female powerhouse, Awesome Kong. Kong, would fall to Davids after a hard fought, close contest.

 April would meet her old nemesis, Bubblegum, to defend her Cruiserweight championship at Who Dares Wins in March 2014. Unfortunately for Davids, she would lose her championship to “The Rascal”.

 April appeared at Supershow 4 in May 2014 and confronted Bubblegum. It appears this feud is far from over.

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