5th Anniversary HUGE UPDATE


As August 6th approaches I need to address a couple of issues I have been looking to resolve and it is time to drive the promotion for the show. With a number of things addressed here you will see why things stalled a little on the run up to this show.


1. Adam Cole as The PCW Cruiserweight Champion

Now this has been giving me a headache for months now. I have tried and tried to bring Adam in for title defences but sadly to no avail and it would be September at the earliest before he can travel from the USA. I have no other choice but to cease recognising Adam Cole as PCW Cruiserweight Champion. The belt is vacant and the previous two Cruiserweight Champions in Bubblegum and El Ligero will battle it out on August 6th to help bring some prestige back to that title and we will have a definitive winner.


 2. The PCW World Championship

August 6th is our 5th Anniversary Show and a huge milestone of PCW history. On that show I want all titles defended which will see Rampage Brown wrestle twice. Once to defend his PCW Tag Team Championship with T-Bone against The London Riots in a Street Fight and once more to challenge for the PCW Championship. In the interest of fairness for the challenger to the Championship and also the fact that Sha Samuels is due his rematch we will see Noam Dar defend against Sha Samuels and then finally the winner of that match will take on Rampage Brown in the main event. So we will see Sha Samuels OR Noam Dar vs Rampage Brown at the top of our 5th Anniversary card.


3. No Imports?

Yes that is right no imports well almost, with this being a huge day for PCW and that none of my targets had been available I have decided we do not actually need anybody but current roster members. I did say almost as we have added one name who was in the UK already and that is the man who is described by his New Japan employers to be the next Prince Devitt and that is Jay White who goes one on one with Dave Mastiff. I still have my eyes on one local lad if a deal can be concluded but unless I get offered a too good to be true deal for a late addition there will be no big budget non UK talent coming in for this show. This is all about celebrating the hard work the PCW roster have put in over the last five years and ticket sales are just fine without anybody being brought in.


4. PCW General Manager Position

With Joanna Rose and Dave Rayne selecting teams for a 10 person tag match up to decide who is the one PCW General Manager, I have suspended the powers of each of them until after this match ends and I will resume control. Soon as the final bell rings the winner will regain power.


5. Women’s Action

Two women going to war? Saraya Knight will take on Viper! We all know what a war that will be and fans please keep your hands away from Saraya as it never ever ends well if you try cop a feel.


6. Sumerian Death Squad

I have just been informed by the team that Tommy End is now unavailable for this date. I hate having to change any line up but it must be done on this occasion and out of my control. The Hooligans will now be in action against Team Single and The London Riots in a Triple Treat Street Fight


7. iPPV

The last iPPV (internet pay per view) was a big success so we are now going to try this in Evoque. This is still a trial and we hope to match the quality of the last one. With this still being in a trial period for us the price is just £4 and we know it is stupidly low but as mentioned it is a trial. The price includes replays for 28 days and can be booked by going to http://www.247.tv/pcw/. So if you cannot make the show you can watch from your home!


8. Free Afternoon Show

Preston Flag Market at 1pm (first bell is 1pm) we will be hosting a full free PCW live show. So come along and enjoy the fun. We have limited premium ringside seats available to buy on our website but other than that this show is 100% free if you just turn up.


Evening Card with one more match to be announced -

PCW World Championship

Sha Samuels’s Vs Noam Dar


PCW Tag Team Championship – Street Fight Rules

The London Riots Vs Team Single Vs The Hooligans


Ten Man Elimination Tag Winner Takes All

Team Rayne Vs Team Rose


PCW Cruiserweight Championship

Bubblegum Vs El Ligero


Women in action

Saraya Knight Vs Viper


International attraction match

Jay White vs Dave Mastiff


PCW World Championship Main Event

Sha Samuels OR Noam Dar Vs Rampage Brown


With one big match still to be announced I am sure this card will deliver an iPPV to remember and being in our home of Evoque we can show the world just who we are!

Thank you for your support over the last 5 years as we would be nothing without the fans and I hope to see your support continue and help us continue our growth.


Steven Fludder






We do this so we do not charge bookings fees and can keep our prices as they are.
Simply print off your PAYPAL PAYMENT RECEIPT and bring some ID matching the buyer's name and present this at the front door. 

Please also read the event page 72hrs before the show to double check all times and event details are as expected.

''PCW 5th Anniversary Show'' - Our anniversary shows always deliver big! This will be no different!


Front Row £30
Second Row £25
General Admission £15 
Family Of 4 (max 2 adults, under 5s not allowed in venue) £40
VIP Booth(inc entry for 6 people) £100 


August 6th day show on sale now......

We like to look after those who support us and buy early or hold a season ticket so you guys get first option tonight. If you

have 2 Tickets for evening you can buy ONLY 2 for the day(no more than already ordered) for the discount rate.


DAY SHOW PRICES *Season ticket holders get the half price rate on seats relevant to their season ticket.

Front Row £20(£10 if you have front row for evening booked already).

Second Row £15(£7.50 if you have second row for evening booked already).

Third/Fourth/Fifth Row £10(£5 if you have general admission for evening booked already).


Tickets on sale at now to ONLY those who already have evening tickets(or want to book now to still be eligible).

Sunday 8pm any seats left become available go on sale!

*PCW Tickets are non refundable unless the event is cancelled. This has never happened before though. You can sell your tickets on just NOT by posting on PCW social media as we have our own tickets to sell.
*We do not post out tickets. Should you buy your tickets from the PCW website you simply need to print your paypal receipt and bring ID with the name of the buyer. The ID can be a screenshot but the print out is needed for insurance reasons. 
*No food or drink is allowed in the venue unless bought in the venue.
*Video recording at any time is not permitted in the venue. Flash photography is allowed. Those found recording the show will be given no warnings and asked to leave. 
*Children must be over 5 years of age to be in the building due to a recent risk assessment of the venue. This is the venues rule and we can not make exceptions sorry. All ages above 5yrs old are welcome though language may be used by other fans similar to what can be heard at a football match.

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