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To get to the top in PCW you have to beat the best of the best. Whether it be international stars or the cream of the British Crop. One way of doing that is to think of the most brutal, innovative moves to add to your repertoire. For every wrestler theres always that one move they can rely on to get the job done. Prestons finest have a flock of these finishing moves like no others. This is the top 5 PCW finishing moves:

5:Noam Dar - Deepfried Kneebar

Ok so the ‘Deepfried’ bit never really stuck but Noam Dar’s deadly knee bar has, on more than one occasion, made the worlds top talent scream for their legs freedom. As one of the oldest finishers on the list Noam constantly finds new ways of applying his vicious hold, making it also one of the most versatile finishers. Noam is now back on top of the world after suffering from a bit of a dry spell. May the knee bars be with you and the Dar Wars commence!

4: Chris Masters - The Masterlock

The renowned finisher ‘The Masterlock’ has finished off Chris Masters’ opponents worldwide to the largest to the smallest of audiences. Having the reputation of being ‘unbreakable’ Chris Masters first brought the neck breaking hold to PCW back at Festive Fury 2012 and since then has put away star after star. Going forward the now current PCW Heavyweight Champion has a target on his back and those looking to chase for that title better not turn round for Masters will be there ready to lock.

3: Will Osprey - 630 Splash

New guy on the block Will Osprey burst into PCW like a firework gone wild. Mixing huge flips with death defying leaps of faith, keeping up with Osprey is like watching a fast paced tennis match. So its only natural that the man who makes you scream HOLY SH*T every match ends his opponents with an equally jaw dropping finisher. The 630 Splash has more twists and turns than an episode of the Breaking Bad. With Evokes low roof only adding to the suspense it’s a rare occasion this move is pulled out but, oh my.. when it is.. no words.

2: Bubblegum - Pele Kick/Pedigree combination.

Arguably having his best year yet at PCW, Bubblegum has started to include a truly ‘out of no where’ move in the Pele Kick. No better move suits the rascal himself than something that can be pulled from what appears to be his arse to knock his opponent to the floor. Usually following this is the king of all finishers in the Pedigree. When ‘Gum locks those arms you know his opponent is done and dusted. He has gone on to win title defending matches against greats as Brian Kendrick, Austin Aries, Adam Cole and Kyle O’Riley. This past month he went on to represent ‘Friends With Benifits’ and win the 2015 Road to Glory tournament. Giving him a title match at PCWs 4th Anniversary show. Question is, will he face current champ and friend Chris Masters or the next in line at the title…. The Bastard….Dave Mastiff.

1: Dave Mastiff - Cannon Ball

Speaking of Dave Mastiff, the number one spot belongs to meanest SOB to step into the PCW squared circle. If there’s ever been a move that makes you wonder if the opponent will walk again its Mastiff’s Cannonball. The pure skill and talent it take for a man of Daves size to launch himself into the corner the way he does is incredible. It may take essential corner positioning but if the move is hit, you know the winner of the match before the ref counts 3. Now the winner of PCWs 2015 Rumble, he has got a title shot in hand and its the battle of the Masterlock versus the Cannonball. Masters may have Friends With Benifits but if Mastif hits his finisher, the title is going back to the Black Country.

Honorable Mention

Uhaa Nation - Uhaa Combination

I could not do a top finishing moves without mentioning ,now PCW alumni, Uhaa Nation’s Uhaa Combination. Consisting of  a Gorilla press drop followed by a standing moonsault followed by a standing shooting star press.. yeah that’s right STANDING moonsault and shooting star press.. it truly is a thing to be seen. Uhaa used this deadly combination to make his way to the top of the PCW ladder and held the PCW Heavyweight Championship for a jaw dropping 120 days before Chris Masters (with a little help from his new friends AKA the ‘Friends With Benefits’) defeated Uhaa, not only stripping him of his belt but also banishing him from wrestling at PCW again. All we know is that wherever Uhaa ends up, if he takes the Uhaa Combination with him, he will take the world by storm. If you haven’t seen the Uhaa Combination then you are massively missing out. Get to the Preston City Wrestling webstore and buy a dvd or two, get your mind blown and never miss another show.

So be it a skull crushing drop on your head, a crazy stunt filled splash or a hold that will make you tap for your life, if you’re in the ring with a member of the PCW roster and they prep for their finisher, you’re not gunna be moving a whole lot for the next few days.

Next time.. Top 5 PCW Wrestlers Ring Attire! Now wrestling may not be a fashion show but wear the wrong gear and you will never live it down with the PCW crowd. Who has the greatest, funniest and most sparkly gear around?



Image: Andrew Letham

Content: Jamie Drinkwater 


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